Noise Reduction

  • heating and ventilation Foam


    A melamine based foam with excellent acoustic performance and thermal insulation in high temperature environments.

  • bass-trap-intro


    A graphite combustion modified flexible polyether polyurethane foam which is suitable for contract seating.

  • Foil Faced

    Foil Faced

    A laminate of aluminium foil and polyethylene, reinforced and bonded with a fire retardent thermosetting adhesive.

  • kcme25Grey


    A combustion modified, conventional polyether polyurethane foam.

  • Pyrosorb


    A flexible Class O polyurethane foam which offers excellent sound absorption coupled with exceptional fire retardant properties.

  • R35HIFISpeakerFoam

    R35 HIFI

    A black, open cell reticulated polyester foam.  The foam has a good visual appearance due to its regular cell structure and colour

  • ve24GREY

    VE24 85

    A polyether foam with excellent acoustic properties.

  • x5376nd


    A medium density polyester foam which provides maximum sound absorption coupled with a high flammability performance.