Soft Play & Cushion Packaging

  • as22Pink

    AS22 Pink

    A flexible polyurethane foam having inherent static control properties, which is suitable for electronics packaging applications.

  • Brushed Nylon

    Brushed Nylon

    Loop Raise brushed nylon with foam backing.



    Chipfoam, also known as reconstituted foam, is a high performance, cost effective open-cell packaging solution.

  • CMRB40HBlueAviationFoam


    A melamine combustion modified high resilient foam which is suitable where a firm to hard feel is required for domestic seating

  • e18grey

    E22 Grey

    A flexible polyurethane foam which is suitable for general use.

  • e22White

    E22 White

    A medium density polyurethane foam suitable for general purpose packaging, pharmaceutical, consumer and non FR padding applications.

  • e41Blue


    A flexible polyurethane foam of low density which can be used in load bearing applications.

  • E74Yellow


    A flexible polyether polyurethane foam with a sponge like cell structure.

  • F118WhiteMedicalFoam

    F118 White

    A flexible polyester polyurethane foam of low density which is suitable for use in shoulder pad and medical applications.

  • hlb22Grey


    A polyether polyurethane foam which has a high load bearing capacity and provides optimum protection in packaging applications

  • Jiffycell


    A closed cell, low density non cross-linked foam.

  • KCME24YellowFoam


    A combustion modified conventional polyether polyurethane foam.

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