• heating and ventilation Foam


    A melamine based foam with excellent acoustic performance and thermal insulation in high temperature environments.

  • e18grey

    E22 Grey

    A flexible polyurethane foam which is suitable for general use.

  • e22White

    E22 White

    A medium density polyurethane foam suitable for general purpose packaging, pharmaceutical, consumer and non FR padding applications.

  • F118WhiteMedicalFoam

    F118 White

    A flexible polyester polyurethane foam of low density which is suitable for use in shoulder pad and medical applications.

  • hlb22Grey


    A polyether polyurethane foam which has a high load bearing capacity and provides optimum protection in packaging applications

  • kcme25Grey


    A combustion modified, conventional polyether polyurethane foam.

  • r85beige

    R85 Beige

    A reticulated, open cell polyether based polyurethane foam.